Michelle + Dan married in Jacksonville, Fl.

This is my first official blog post on a Wedding! I've been so excited to share this one with you all! I could go on and on about this one but I’ll just give you a quick blurb about it and than you can see for yourself how adorable, authentic and overall amazing this wedding was. Not only because Michelle & Dan are absolute cuties together, but this Wedding was truly thought out. Michelle put a lot of work into it herself. She’s a true southern bell if you will, and a creative one! She made a lot of things herself, and re-used some important pieces that have been handed down in the family. “I wore my mom's garter, wrapped my mom's veil around my bouquet, used my great-grandmothers rosary (something blue) and also wrapped it around my Bouquet, our champagne glasses were used in every wedding on my mothers side dating back to her grandmother, and we used the cake cutters from Dan's parents wedding.” I plan on submitting this wedding to some blogs that I follow, so I asked Michelle if she had any that she wanted me to specifically submit to and here’s what she had to say…”Unfortunately, all those blogs focus a lot on flowers, centerpieces, etc…(Which I don't really care about!) I was more concerned about coosies, cowboy boots, mason jars, and fake mustaches!” LOL. Michelle chose to incorporate all the things her and Dan love most... including FSU! We cant forget that! You'll notice the Seminole colors throughout the Wedding, they are HUGE fans! This was the best bride I have worked with so far, she was unique in every way :) Reasons why you’ll love this wedding:

a) you are a lover of southern weddings

b) you are an FSU fan

c) you love mason jars

This wedding was a beautiful mixture of fun love, feminine class and sweet southern charm! I am just absolutely in love with how it all came together. Congratulations Dan & Michelle! I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to capture your most special day! Thank you again and again. Also, a BIG HUMONGOUS Thank you to my amazing assistant and friend, Francy Nunez for helping me out on this Wedding. We had a blast shooting our first wedding together and I’m honestly not sure if I could have done this one without her. When she turned over her photos in the end, I found so many amazing shots that are included in this post (some of my favorite’s actually…check out the last shot, that’s all Francy!) Thanks again for everything Little!

Photography: Erika Delgado Photography

Second Photographer/ Assistant: Francy Nunez Photography

Photo-Booth: Erika Delgado Photography

Church: Saint Joseph's Historic Catholic Church

Venue: Deercreek Country Club; Jacksonville, FL

Private Event Director: Julie Bennett

Gown: Davids Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: J. Crew in Dusty Shale

Makeup: Erika Delgado & Francy Nunez

Floral & Cake Artist: Publix Supermarkets

Fiddle Player: A Unique Entertainment; Jacksonville, FL

Cigar Roller: JC Cuban Cigar Roller; St. Augustine, FL

Thank You Signs, Mr. & Mrs. Signs, guestbook, hair clip, shoe clips: Etsy.com



Once upon a time, there was a princess that found her prince. She said to him: "I just don't see how you could ever be anything but mine."

This was my favorite part of the day. Michelle & Dan chose to have a moment before their ceremony. They decided to meet on the bridge. My heart was fluttering for them both. What a special moment it was indeed. Look at how Michelle holds her hand to her heart before coming up to him, and Dan's big smile...as if he can feel her presence coming his way. His Bride to be! Ahhhh, I swoooon! (as Michelle would say) LOL.

She is beyond a doubt....ADORABLE!!!!!

I love that little hair of Michelle's blowing in the wind. It reminds me of how real that moment was. I'm so cheesy, I know.

At the reception, Michelle had her parent's Wedding photo displayed which I thought was so heartfelt and truly beautiful. Here, you also can see the cake cutters from Dan's Parents wedding and Michelle's Grandma's Rosary and mom's Veil wrapped around her Bouquet.

Michelle's wedding gift to Dan was a cigar roller. He loved it, so did all the boys :)

Mustaches & Big Pink Lips! You gotta love it!

I thought that incorporating their love for their College football team was so fun! Check out the coosie, haha too cute!

There were mason jars EVERYWHERE! I was going mason jar happy with the camera. I probably have like 50 photos of mason jars alone! I thought that they gave a very southern and down to earth feel to the reception and cocktail hour. Everyone had one in their hands :)

The photo booth was such a hit! I can't even explain to you how much the guest's enjoyed it. Polaroid + props + drinks = hillarious pictures all night long! The guest's had the entire evening to stop by the booth, dress up, and snap a photo for Michelle & Dan's Guest Book. Once the polaroid printed, they placed it into the polaroid album and left the happy couple a note. Michelle ordered the album from Etsy.com She made the polaroid pages herself. POLAROIDS ROCK!!!!!! :)

These Signs were also purchased on Etsy. They are reversible! They used the Thank You one for their Thank You cards :)

And they lived Happily Ever After. The End :)