Brigitta "Summer Sweet"

I did a shoot at Tree Tops park a couple of months ago and fell in love with the viewing tower area to the left of the Canoes. It's a little nook of Forest heaven in there (minus the spiders, killer mosquitos, bears...) just kidding, no bears lol. Anyway...I was inspired as I was leaving to shoot there again. This time I would bring along a cute Red Head and some Strawberries! And so the search started for my little Red head beauty and that's when I found Brigitta. As soon as I saw her I knew she would rock my concept, and her look was unique & fresh! She has an old Hollywood Vintage look topped with soft red curls....she was perfect for what I wanted. Not to mention that she works for Betsey Johnson and has a small collection of her own Betsey's. Ummm....LOVE this girl! :) So I told her to bring a few on her shoot day. I brought in the fabulous Olivia Smalley of OMG Artistry for hair and makeup. Olivia never ceases to amaze me. She immediately knew what to do with colors and concepts for Brigitta's fresh and flawless look. We started in the studio with some of the dresses. I love that the studio session still ties in with the Strawberry portion at the park somehow. The pink's and red's of her dresses keep the color and idea uniform throughout the shoot. So, I give you Brigitta... a 19 year old bubbly beauty with charm and elegance.

Dress: Green and Red Roses Dress - Betsey Johnson

Dress: Pink Dress - Betsey Johnson