Dainty Blue

When I first met Maritza, I knew I was going to love her. She had an enthusiasm for photography and for life! We immediately hit it off and have since grown as friends. She is a absolute gem, in every way possible and i'm so glad I met her. Being a photographer has opened my life to so many new friends and amazing experiences - I look back on the last few years and realize how lucky I am to have participated in capturing memories for so many amazing families and friends. So... Maritza is pregnant with a little girl named Penny! I can't wait to meet that little munchkin. She already has Noah who is adorable and is going to be a great big brother. He's so smart and funny! He had me giggling the entire session. Capturing the beauty of an expecting mother with her family is something so special and i'm so glad I was able to do that for my friend. You will see for yourself how precious this moment of life is for a mother and how a simple photo of her touching and looking down at her little girl can move you. Savor life, your family and the simple beauties we encounter each day. Enjoy and have a great week my friends!