Dominica, The Nature Island

Hello my Friends! Forgive me, I've been lost behind my camera the past few weeks, not to mention catching up on some final plans and crafts for our own wedding that is just around the corner (I'm getting so excited!). Anyway, I'm back with some awesome photographs and pretty weddings to share with you! I had the most amazing opportunity to travel to Dominica this year to photograph a friends wedding. First of all, let me clarify where Dominica is because everyone thought I was in Dominican Republic but no, that is a completely different place. The beautiful island of Dominica is located in the Caribbean Sea, southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique. Pirates of the Carribean was filmed there! I cannot thank Devin & Maria enough for introducing Flynn and I to this heavenly island. A week later, when it was time to leave I swear I didn't want to. I kept thinking how nice it would be to some day escape our busy lives and come back to this perfect place and live a simple, tropical, Island life. They call it the Nature Island for good reason; the trees, the sea, the animals, the people....they are all in harmony with each other. There is a peace and happiness there that I brought back with me and i'm so grateful for the experience and memories we made there. I am going to share a few photographs from the week before the wedding and then I'll share a new post on the wedding day itself. Enjoy. XO