Alli + Jaron, Married at Temple Beth Emet

When I first met with Alli and Jaron I was humbled. Alli said she always knew I would be her wedding photographer. I thought to myself, "They are perfect, so in love and such a sweet couple...and they want me to tell their story, I hit the jackpot!" I really enjoyed working closely with Alli, she's one of those people that everyone loves. On the wedding day you could clearly see it, and Jaron was at the top of that list. The moment he saw her as his bride for the first time, I could just see it as I was snapping away... something changed within him. They both had a smile from ear to ear, their love overflowing for each other. It's an honest blessing to get to experience these special moments in life....

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Ceremony & Recepetion Venue: Temple Beth Emet / First Look Location: Robbins Lodge Park / Hair & Makeup: OMG Artistry / Floral & Decor: Amazing Events / Entertainment: Private Stock Band