St. Tropez Wedding

 It was the type of Celebration one dreams about, the kind of nostalgic summer experience that you actually see in the movies, leaving you full of new memories and warm happy feelings. There is something to be said about Destinations Weddings; They leave you with an imprinted memory of the time spent with you nearest and dearest, they allow the couple and their families and friends to grow that much closer over those few days spent together. Matthew and Edward truly made me feel part of the family, I celebrated with them, danced with them and felt the love and joy shared amongst all. Upon arrival to St. Tropez I drove along the most gorgeous turquoise sea, with darling sailboats floating upon it,  french music in the air,  and cute vespas zooming by. And just another 30 minutes into town, I arrived at the breath taking Domaine Sainte Marie, a vineyard lush with fields and flowers. I found St. Tropez to be so scenic, one can find a little bit of everything there; a chic ocean paradise not too far from the rolling hills and wine country. The day everyone arrived was a celebration within itself. There was a tour of the vineyard, wine tastings, and a home cooked meal following an intimate party of the arriving guests on the Mansion's Veranda. The entire weekend consisted of Matthew + Edward's families uniting, cooking together, drinking and dancing in complete celebration. Mostly everyone stayed at the Domaine which made it feel like home base and the kitchen was always open, even the Veranda windows leaked the delicious smells of what their private chef was cooking up every day. The week up to the wedding day was filled daily with pool parties or beach parties that turned into evening parties either dancing downtown in St. Tropez or celebrating around a Bonfire at the Domaine. It was so much fun. Their ceremony took place in the Domaines courtyard where they were surrounded with mountain vistas, vineyard backdrops and rosemary and lavender scents in the air. Before the Ceremony began, guests mingled within the courtyard enjoying a cocktail hour with small hoursdouvers and cocktails. The ceremony began at golden hour and they performed a spiritual hand washing ritual before their guests and when they walked down the aisle as a married couple, they were showered with white rose pedals. Their Reception followed soon after, as the sun was going down behind the mountain tops. Tiffany Doll did an incredible job of designing the reception to be set up directly in front of the Domain’s Entrance so there could be a backdrop of the mansion on one side, and the the mountains and vineyards on the other. The tables were set with ivory linens and small touches of navy blue and gold details. Lush white florals blended perfectly and gave the perfect touch of romance. The long royal tables were designed to make a square around the dance floor where a blooming orange tree was the center of attention for all to see. From the Groom Edward:

The tree was very important for Mathew and of course, for me. It represents life. An orange tree is a sign of good luck and good blessings for both of us and we felt that it had a significant place in our ceremony and celebration of our marriage. It elegantly stood tall at the center of everything. The night was glamorous, and intimate at the same time, everyone had so much fun. It was the perfect way to end a week of celebrating Matthew and Edwards union. The memories I took home from this magical place will always stay with me. I am so grateful to have photographed such an incredible celebration of love and life in one of the most incredible places I’e ever seen.